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AtomicKitten is an Atomic Design framework like PatternLab, implemented in FLOW framework with TYPO3 Fluid Template Engine.

If you don’t know Atomic Design yet, check out the book Atomic Design by Brad Frost, or his blog post.


Reimplement PatternLab using PHP framework Flow and TYPO3 Fluid as Template Engine.

AtomicKitten should enable an easy way to develop HTML and CSS websites, following the Atomic Design concept. The developer should be able to use different data sources, from static .json-files to dynamic ones like databases or REST-Apis.


It’s possible to build a static version of a new website with real data to test the design. Also, by using Fluid as template engine and following conventions, you are able to use the development state as it is inside your TYPO3 CMS, Flow or Neos project, without any additional costs. Enabling you to modify your dynamic website in a closed environment with static HTML as result, enabling you to run Behat tests or other testings. Following Atomic Design, it enables you to create unit tests for your CSS / HTML.

Development State

The project is in very early state. First very basic features are already implemented. The documentation is in sync with current development. Everything that’s documented is implemented. To get an impression, follow the Getting Started.

You can watch the project on Github.


The name was provided by my colleague and Atomic Design. And the internet loves cats. Beside that, my colleague was inspired by

Helping hands

The following people helped to release the current state of the software, the names are sort alphabetical:

And of course the projects involved, which are mentioned all over in the documentation.